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The bad side and goodness in the use of Facebook that we should know

The bad side and goodness in the use of Facebook that we should know

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by Oktober 11, 2017 Artikel
The bad side and goodness in the use of Facebook that we should know |

Who does not know facebook, a social media application that is so phenomenal worldwide.
Facebook became a favorite application that is in great demand from various circles ranging from children, young adults and parents.
Many of the benefits of this one application and also many are also misusing facebook and many also ended prison gara gara facebook.
Benefits facebook very much and really proved to unite and tighten the rope fraternity among us. For example the example of a friendship that has been very long maybe a friend of junior high school or high school for so long dozens of years have never met, thanks to this facebook application is reunited again thanks to facebook application , the taste is so very unusual section. not only to unite the brotherhood or to establish silatutohmi but also can be used to earn income or can be used as a job, for example for media arena promotion of sale and purchase of goods or services very effective and efficient and cheap, and many more.
The bad side of the utilization of facebook application is very unusual also not a few incidents that led to imprisonment or death, we must also be wise in the utilization of the application and not to be misused,
For example for the arena of fraud, humiliation, racism and tribal religion, harassment, infidelity and even ending crime and obscenity and pornography that is very dangerous because facebook is open to anyone and acount facebook very easy to make without data data is valid and valid very likely facebook can be misused for.
So we must be wise in using facebook well and remain vigilant so that we do not become bkorban next facebook abuser.
Wise in social media.

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