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Want to get married sparingly, Eliminate this bad thing

Want to get married sparingly, Eliminate this bad thing

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by Oktober 11, 2017 Artikel

Want to get married sparingly, Eliminate this bad thing |, While doing a wedding reception, many are ‘spending money’ spending money without realizing that it is very likely mubadzir. There are principled let me tekor famous origin. Wedding only once in a lifetime. Well more or less so he said.

Though there are many things that can be eliminated to minimize budget marriage to be more efficient. If you want more barokah, funds can be transferred to social donations.
Here it is at least 5 things that can be eliminated if you want to have a budget wedding frugality:
1. Photo prewedding
Save 1-20 million
Never mind halal as a married couple, prewedding photos are also quite a lot of spending budget, especially if less creative in utilizing what is. Millions of dollars can go out for prewedding photos only.
2. Rent a wedding car
Save 1 millions
Some are stylish by renting a bridal car. And if you want to use the existing car alone can be more cost-effective.
3. Reception in the building
Save tens of millions
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The cheapest cost of receptions in the current building may reach 40 millions. And if you hold a reception at home can be much more efficient, but it can also empower the neighbors that help cook food.
If the house is not possible, because too small for example. Can be tricked by renting RT meetinghouse. No need to rent a luxury reception building when the budget is not up. There are even sinners in the parents if to bother them for using their money.
4. Guards
Save 2 million more
Guaranteed can actually be replaced with ordinary seats or creativity according to the bride. Seleb Indonesia also have a wedding reception without pelaminan. Moreover, too many flowers wasted in the end mubadzir because it is only used for decorating a wedding.
5. Bouquet or wreath
Save hundreds of thousands
The congratulatory wreath ends up only in the trash, its function does raise the prestige, but if you want to save money and keep away from the nature of mubadzir, you should not have any bouquet or flower bouquet in the hands of the bride.
Keep in mind again that the marriage is a sacred covenant that is witnessed in the heavens and the earth, not to be due to personal obsession to raise prestige … we ‘pollute’ wedding reception with unbearability.
Many are willing to owe tens to hundreds of millions, just for the sake of holding a lavish reception. Yet everything God will question, where does the money come from and what it is used for. Wallaahua’lam. []
Source: Ummi Online

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