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not a good shower with a small child

not a good shower with a small child

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by Oktober 20, 2017 Berita | Often, is not it, parents, especially mothers, bathe with children? Should not be accustomed, deh, because it can lure the little berrperilaku “flirty” and do “masturbation”.
According to Dra. Dewi Mariana Thaib, generally bathing with children is done more because of practical considerations only. For example, mothers who have to hurry to the office can quickly get ready to bathe the child at once without too much waste of time. Until, after bathing, he can immediately dress up while the child simply handed over to the nanny. Or, it may be that the mother is reluctant to get dirty or wet again when she has to bathe her child separately.
Some are already used to taking a bath together. With reasons for family togetherness, for example, until if you do not bathe together, the child will break the bath. “Well, rather than your baby did not want to bathe, parents also succumbed by continuing this joint bathing habit,” said psychologist from Medika Clinic Bayuadji, Jakarta, this.
There are also those who apply bathing together because of worrying his son later confused and save a lot of questions about his body without getting the right answer. Well, shared bath is considered more fitting to provide sex education in children rather than have to explain it using the pictures. Moreover, it is not easy to get simple pictures that are easily understood by children, especially those related to genital organs.
Of course legitimate we bathe with your baby, whatever the reason and purpose. However, Dewi reminded that we also pay attention to the age of the child. “If he is still one to two years old, it may be relatively safe because he has not been fluent in speech and his socialization has not been widespread, so it is unlikely that he will disseminate to outsiders what he sees in a bath together.”
But when he was 3 years old, “usually the child has started speaking fluently and he started hanging out, so he could spread his knowledge to his friends in his socialization.” What’s more, what he sees during a joint bath is something special or at least different from what most children see. Besides, he also wants to get a response from his friends until he will feel proud to be a figure who knows better than his peers.

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event is not forwarded, yes, father-mother. In fact, even if we do not mind the little talking about our body parts to his friends. You see, as the ability to talk the little one who started smoothly, his curiosity was growing, until he became more and more questions, including things that concern sexuality. Well, is it ready to answer his questions?
Remember, lo, every child’s question should be answered, whatever the question. The answer must also be true, not confusing or even misleading. In a sense, we must not cover up the reality that the child sees. Of course answer it with a language that is easy to understand the child according to his age level. For example, the Upik asked, “Mother, why, hell, where my peed baseball just like you have Dad?”, We must answer it correctly, like, “Because father and you are female like Mother.”
That’s why, press Dewi, if we are not ready to give the right answer and adequate, “avoid bathing with children.” Even if forced, we should bathe in a state of stay dressed. That way, the chances of your child will ask questions. Most asked, “Why, Mother bathed in clothes, anyway?”
Alternatively, get up early and shower immediately. “It’s only 10-15 minutes, right?” When your baby is up when we want to take a bath, anyway, we can ask for help for husband to keep it. After bathing, then we bathe the little guy.
Another thing to note, towards the end of the toddler age, the child begins to pay attention to the male and female anatomy differences, until a sexual desire begins to emerge. On the other hand, his great curiosity encouraged him to experiment with the surrounding world, including parts of his own body, one of which is the genitals.
Thus, joint showings with adults of different sex should be discontinued. If not, “the impact is not good for children,” said Dewi. It is feared, with the frequent little look at the genitals of the opposite sex, he became hooked to play his genitals. For example, holding it up to get a certain pleasure.

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