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Everyone has the same chance to change for the better

Everyone has the same chance to change for the better

Be First!
by Oktober 9, 2017 Motivational
 Everyone has the same chance to change for the better|, There is no “good guy” who has no past,

And no “bad guys” have no future.
Everyone has the same chance to change for the better.
No matter what his past past, what his environment was, and how bad his temper was in the past.
Give someone a chance to change.
Because, someone who “almost killed the Prophet” was now lying next to his tomb. : *Umar bin Khattab.*
Do not look at someone from his past. Someone who once fought against the religion of Allah eventually became his sword of Allah: * Khalid bin Walid *
Do not look at a person of his status and wealth, for the pharaoh’s golden boots are in hell, while Bilal bin bombs are heard in heaven. *
In essence,
Do not underestimate someone because of the past and the environment, because the lotus blossoms still bloom pretty even though living in dirty water.
So to be great is needed is the strength of determination.
No need to worry about the past, not to be ashamed of where you came from, if you want.
You can be like a lotus that lives in dirty water but still blooms amazingly.

Changed and rose much more beautiful than silence and only dreamed without taking any action.
If everything we want continues we have, from which we learn sincere …
If everything we dream of soon materializes, from where we learn Patience …
If every prayer we continue to be granted, how can we learn Ikhtiar …
A person who is close to God does not mean there is no tears ..
A diligent man, does not mean there is no difficult period ..
Let the Sovereign Live Provider be entirely upon us, for only He knows the right time and condition to give the Best ..
Keep the spirit…
Keep patient…
Fixed IKHLAS …
Keep praying…
Because you’re studying at university life .
Great People not generated through Ease, Pleasure, and Comfort …
They are formed through the KESUKARAN, CHALLENGES and even WATER EYE ..
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