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Happy does not have to lie treasure

Happy does not have to lie treasure

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by Oktober 9, 2017 Motivational
Happy does not have to lie treasure |

Indeed the needs of one’s life is different and so is the problem of sustenance all that already exist that regulate,
Back again to the principle of life someone will how and want to take where the direction of his life.
Want to appear important is notorious though a short, there is also a mikirin prestige and there are also appearing what it is or with simplicity despite the abundant wealth, there is also a treasure but in the empet ga feel and do not admit it. The name is also the person must have different thoughts and different things and we must choose which one is good and the best according to us.
People who are happy to live in harmony and peace seem to be a quiet person as much money and full of happiness in family but it is not necessarily the person lying in wealth or a lot of money but the person I analyzed he has not much money and wealth but he is rich in taste thank goodness what god has given kepanya.dia grateful for any that and he utilize the delicious sustenance it wisely according to the needs of their family. and he did not complain much and if indeed less he did not ask to someone but he asked the creator and he tried to seek to get more rizki it and trust Allah SWT is the most merciful and the most merciful. But it does not mean that the money people are not happy it is not, the rich rich be assassinated the treasure also many who live bahgia sakinah mawadah warohmah, the important regardless of the favors of our rizki who has been accepted we should be grateful to him regardless of it .
Let us multiply be grateful for our life and our rizki is full of blessings
Amen amen

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