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If not liked by the husband’s family, try to do this

If not liked by the husband’s family, try to do this

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by Oktober 11, 2017 Motivational

If not liked by the husband’s family, try to do this|, Problems in the household is not always present from the side of the wife or husband. Sometimes from the husband’s and wife’s side there is a particular problem that disturbs your mind. And usually, problems like this are difficult to solve especially if the hatred has been nested before the wedding.

As a wife, you must be able to be nice to her husband and family. Although now you are not with the husband’s family, but friendship should still be run. Then, what if the husband’s family even hates you?
First: Perhaps the apparent hatred of them awakens to the unrighteous thoughts about you, which may be temporary and will eventually disappear and disappear if you try to show them goodness. Because, we can not convict the future with only a glance. How many young women are initially hated by the husband’s family, but then when they associate with her, seeing goodness and good character, they change their (bad) views towards her. Their reproaches turn into praise and their hatred becomes love. For that, do not you set various events and predict the misfortune of your future with your husband.
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Second: You should present the most beautiful morality that is in you to your husband’s family. Where they have the right kindness over you because of their existence as your husband’s family. Specify it to both parents. Pay attention to her mother and keep her as well as your mother.
When he visits your home, strive to greet him with joy and joy. Do not spend much time with your husband while he is with you. Because, this will ignite the axis of uncontrollable jealousy.
Third: pray to God. Ask Him to give you taufik to improve their relationship, soften their caution and infuse your love in their hearts. Know, however you look for various solutions, taufik after that only in His hands. For that, face Him with perfection of raghbah (love) and inabah (repentance).

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